Monday, 31 October 2011


Hello friends

Sorry for the quiet spell, I had writer's block, a week's holiday and work has been busy. All the usual excuses!! I hope you're all well and have been having many many adventures while I've been gone.

Vicky came to visit this weekend just past and believe it or not, I managed to cook some really good food (recipes to follow) and we visited the Yoga Show at Kensington Olympia on Saturday. It was a great day, much less overwhelming than last year and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We managed to squeeze in a Kundalini class which left us exhausted as it did last year! We did a Kundalini session at the 2010 Yoga Show and spent about 3 hours wandering round in a complete and utter daze of exhaustion afterwards. This year, the main posture was to sit cross legged and creating an "o" shape with your mouth, inhale while lifting your arms from your sides up above your head with your fingers - not palms - overlapping and then exhale while bringing them back down again. It went on for around 10 minutes - after the halfway point, my arms were burning but I persevered and managed the full 10 minutes. Taking classes like that make you realise that you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to with some determination and positive thinking. I know if I'd tried that 2 or 3 years ago, I would have given up but I have to admit, I felt good for completing the practice.

Later we found the teacher, Sivaroshan, at the Kundalini stand and had a brief chat with him about the class and yoga as a whole. We commented on how tired we were to which he said that our heart chakras were being cleared and opened, something I quite relate to but I had a discussion with Vicky about chakras later. Vicky loves yoga but she is rather non-spiritual and I would say more scientific. She said she really wants to listen and be interested in those sorts of discussions but being more cynical, she doesn't really believe in chakras and finds her eyes glazing over (which I think she hides well!!) Personally, my belief is that you need to find what really speaks to your heart and makes you happy. If chakras aren't your thing, that's fine, find something that you do believe in and follow it. 

Sivaroshan (who incidentally is really rather pleasing on the eye) teaches at the Alchemy Centre in Camden on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays so for anyone who would like to try a new class with a great teacher, I recommend heading down there. 

I'll post the recipes in another

Night all!