Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Another Cold... Yet Again

I'm writing this from the sofa, wrapped up in joggers and jumpers and leg warmers... Alas, the heating has not packed up; I have caught yet another cold.  That makes it the 5th of the year. Seriously!! I've never ever been struck down with a cold germ so many times in one year. I think I should write to Kleenex and ask for a take of their sales, pretty sure I've kept them in business from my colds alone!!

Now, I'm not here to whinge (ok, I am) but err... why am I here? I'm here's apparent that there's something "up" with my weak little immune system. This morning I tried to neti cleanse in the shower and my nose was so blocked up the water wouldn't stream from the free nostril. Then I inadvertently blew into the neti pot and made the water bubble!! You had to be there...

I've been quite mindful about which yoga postures I practice while I'm bunged up - quite frankly, I attempted one single round of sun salutation A yesterday morning and stopped when I got to up-dog because it sounded more like wheezing-dog and I couldn't breathe. Yoga teaches us to listen to our bodies and not ignore when it's telling us not to push ourselves beyond what we can cope with in that moment. Instead, I meditated and I tried to practice neti cleansing. Eventually, when my body tells me it's right, I'll return to my morning sun salutations to awaken my mind and body before I cycle to work.

In other news, it's Clare's birthday tomorrow so I bought her some amazing cupcakes from Lola's -- if you've never had the pleasure of tasting these little pieces of heaven then you really must get down to Topshop now and partake in a mini-cupcake. In the words of Bruce Almighty, b-e-a-uuutiful!!