Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Worst Post Yet

K, so two things have kind of happened simultaneously...

1. I sort of forgot that I have a blog.
2. I've lost any inspiration to write anything interesting.

I'm not sure what order these things occurred but they don't make for great blog writing. Not that anyone reads my blog. Technically, I'm just talking to myself.

If this were a social event, we'd all be sitting round the table and there would be a happy pause in conversation that slowly turns into an uncomfortably long pause with a small cough punctuating the silence and we'd all look at each other willing someone to speak and then we'd start looking at our nails or at the ceiling or getting our mobiles out pretending that someone has text just to save us from the awkwardness of that silence that was happy to begin with.

Potential blog subjects:

I think my boyfriend's house is haunted.
Job hunting.
Holiday update!

Sorry. This is possibly the worst post I've written to date but considering I've only written about 5 posts so far, that is some easy maths.

1 comment:

  1. I came to your blog, 'cause I thought your response on TheBloggess was hilarious. So, now you are not talking to yourself. ;-)