Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

I hope Christmas and the new year period was full of joy and it wasn't the stressful time year of most people find it to be!!

I gave a little thought to what I want to achieve in 2011 and decided on a few things:

1. Get my butt in gear and study yoga properly!!
2. Learn to meditate.
3. Make my brain well.
4. Eat well - healthy body, healthy mind and all that.
5. Um...I think that's it.

This year is going to be about making myself healthy in mind, body and spirit. I also want to be conscious of the difference between "need and want". So if I'm in the supermarket or considering buying a new dress, is it something I NEED or WANT? If I need it, then ok, go ahead. If I want it then forget it. I've spent too many years being overly frivolous and buying things I don't need when I could save that money and put it towards bigger and better things.

I was reading horoscopes for the year with one of the girls from work yesterday and mine said it's going to be a fairly tough year and that someone or something is going to try to steal my man. In the words of friend from work... Don't let that bitch!!!

In other news, I have a new favourite website: It's seriously cute TO THE MAX. Check it out. It's mainly full of cute, fluffy animals but I'm a sucker for them, especially kittens and puppies. It's because they're small. I like small things.

Anyhoo... First post of 2011, hopefully I'll keep it up this year.

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