Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Hey good lookin, whatcha got cookin'

Hi everybody, hope you're all feeling grand. It's been an absolute age since I last sat down with my trusty old Mac and wrote a good post. Life has been pretty crazy since the beginning of December what with flat hunting, flat finding, flat moving, Christmas, New Year and all it brings and other such things that I've been doing that I can't remember. I've been blessed with a Buckley brain which means a complete lack of memory combined with "if something new is going in, then something old is falling out".

I've got an absolute ton of ideas buzzing round my brain that need to make their way onto a post but for now I'm going to stick to one so as not to overload everyone with brain splurge and to try and make some kind of sense.

This post is about limits. I've been thinking hard about my blog again and the direction I tried to take it in with being solely about yoga and I've decided I don't want to limit myself to the confines of one subject. I love yoga but I need the creativity and freedom to be able to express what's going on in my noggin, whether it be yoga, swing dancing, cycling in the rain and getting lost on the way home (more on that later) vegetarianism and carnivorism (is that a word? If not, it is now) or anything else that's going on in life.

So in a nutshell, this post is returning to it's original format of whatever is on my mind is going in the blog. I think I should wish you readers luck because who knows what's going to end up on the page. 

That's all for now peeps, I'm going to try and write more regularly now things have settled down a bit. I forget how much I love writing until I sit down and do it again!!

Have a listen to this, it's one of my favourite and newly discovered songs.

Bye for now!! 

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