Monday, 1 October 2012


Harro! Well it's been a lot longer than I realised, I last wrote a post in June; doesn't time fly when you're having fun!

I write to you on a cold, wet, windy October day, sitting on my sofa in a big thick cardigan surrounded by tissues and hot drinks from having a stinky cold. Lots of changes have occurred recently. I finally left my job at the engineering firm and am now temping and loving it! Without wanting to get too deep on y'all on a Monday morning, I feel so free having decided to stay true to myself and do something that makes me happy instead of letting the fear hold me back. I'm trying to learn to go with the flow and to stay positive and hopeful that things will work out which I'm sure they will.

I wanted to write something fun and lighthearted so here's a list of things that I'm loving at the moment:

I hope you've all been having a smashing time of it lately and are enjoying life, whatever it's throwing at you. I'm hoping to get back into blogging more regularly again but the best laid plans and all that...

Have a great week and Happy 1th October everyone! :)


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