Monday, 9 August 2010


What a busy weekend!! My boyfriend (R) and I had so much to do as we're going on a two week cycling holiday next Sunday and had much to prepare.

Rundown of Saturday:

Early start; R headed to Euston for work medical, I headed home to collect my new bike from the Parcelforce depot. Took (boxed) bike home and dragged it up the stairs to keep on landing while waiting for R to collect me and bike. R arrived to find me sitting on the sofa eating those chocolate biscuit sticks (can't remember the name) and watching DIY SOS. Took bike back downstairs and loaded into his car. R is moving to Medway to study as a mature student in September so drove to Gillingham to view a room that he'll be moving into. Met nice landlady, viewed room, liked it. Very close to town centre and station and uni is only a 10 minute walk (or a three second cycle!) Drove around Medway so R could get a feel for the area. Romantic picnic lunch sitting in the car in a "passing place" with an industrial area as our view. Continued driving and found an RSPB track so spent some time walking around and picking local berries. Thankfully not poisoned. Drove back to London, both pretty exhausted so reheated Friday's dinner, ate and passed out on the bed.


Another early start. R got online almost as soon as we had woken up to order some things for our cycling trip from Argos to be picked up from the Streatham shop. R in pretty narky mood. He was having a lot of back pain from previous injury so felt very uncomfortable. Breakfast of croissants (yum!) and coffee then headed to Streatham to pick up our bits from Argos. R still feeling narky and tired so drove us to the Balham shop by mistake. I don't know the area so had no idea! Got back in car and drove to Streatham and picked up our things. Drove back to R's and started assembling bike. Very exciting!! Few bits that need adjustment such as gears and the front wheel is slightly bowed. R did a great job. Managed to cheer up R; hurrah!! Had late lunch, went to room to chill out. Decided to go for bike ride to test out lovely new bike and so headed through Brockwell Park and ended up in Dulwich Village - very pretty place with real character and chilled out vibe. Potential location for my move to London? First time cycling on London roads so felt a little nervous but we made it back alive; maybe alive is a little strong as R tried to make me race him home uphill. Ate a late dinner and watched a bit of Alone in the Wild while trying to alleviate pain for R by giving really hard localised massage. Didn't work :( R had another early start this morning (05.30) so suspect he will be very tired this week. Holiday can't come soon enough!

We managed to achieve a lot in two days and have only a few more bits to get before our adventure. I can't wait to go on holiday with R! We need this break desperately as we've both been quite stressed and are in need of relaxation and stress-free time together. R is looking forward to sampling Belgian beer as we make our way around the Netherlands. Personally I'm looking forward to the cheese markets!!

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