Thursday, 12 August 2010

You Know How...

You know how sometimes you feel like eating something sweet so you go to the shop right next door to the office because it's convenient and you a) can't be bothered to go any farther and b) you haven't got time to go any farther but they don't really have anything you fancy but you still want something because you've made the effort to go to the shop so you pick a chocolate muffin even though you don't really like them and they make you feel sick every time you eat them but it's the best they have on offer and you think that this could actually be the magic muffin that is so delicious and non greasy that it won't make you feel sick so you buy it and take it back to your desk and start to eat it and not really enjoy it but go ahead anyway because it's all you have and then about 3.2 seconds after taking that first bite, the sugar rushes to your head and you get the shakes but you keep eating because you've started damn it and then by the last mouthful you can't possibly eat any more because your insides feel like a vat of pure oil and if you eat one more bite you will simultaneously be sick and start pinging around the office like a bouncy ball on a rubber floor?

Yeah that's me today.

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