Monday, 28 February 2011

Monday Fatigue

Hey hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

I have total Monday fatigue today. I also call it Silent Monday (as of just now) because I mostly can't be bothered to speak to anyone and Charlie isn't here to entertain me so I'm pretty sure the guys at work think that I'm a mute unless I'm in her presence. Which is prolly true but anyways.

I think though, I've just heard the funniest saying of the week which is a big statement in itself because it's only day one. One of the guys just told me that leaving filing to pile up "becomes like a really bad case of constipation" which considering I would put "filing" under my "shit jobs" list then he's closer to the mark than he thinks!!

This weekend was awesome, I had my hair cut fairly short so it's feeling fresh and lovely and then R and I went to Canterbury for the day yesterday and had a really lovely time walking around the city and we checked out the cathedral which is awesome. Truly awesome. Such a spectacular sight and if you just think of the craftmanship that went into it all those years ago, it's not like modern times where you put up some scaffolding and create something in a few months out of pre-fabricated bricks and mortar (ok I am exaggerating slightly there but you get what I mean), this was handcrafted from limestone over a long long time. Could you imagine anyone building something over a period of years nowadays which would still be standing in thousands of years to come?

I don't know why I still refer to R as R considering I call Charlie Charlie so from now I will name R by his... name... which is Robbie. We love Robbie we do. :)

Anyyyywayyyyysss... It's only 37 minutes til hometime and NO I am not counting.

Buh bye!


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