Monday, 18 July 2011

The Ten Pros and the Ten Cons of Cycling to Work


1. I do one hour of aerobic exercise A DAY :)
    - Keep me fit
    - Keeps me healthy
    - It's good for my mind, body and spirit

2. I get to see sights I would miss on the bus or the underground.

3. It's free!

4. It wakes me up in the morning (however, refer to Con No. 2)

5. It makes you appreciate the elements - good and bad

6. I don't have to wait for and rely on public transport to go anywhere - I can get on my bike and go anytime I like!

7. I get to meet fellow cyclists

8. I get to wear leggings - my favourite type of trouser

9. I can sort through my thoughts as I cycle

10. It's a good way to learn patience and tolerance (towards other road users)


1. When it rains, you get wet right through to your knickers

2. I'm tired again when I get to work (but is a physical not mental tiredness!)

3. In no particular order, pedestrians, taxi drivers and bus drivers are STOOPID and sometimes aggressive... Need to work on that patience a bit more :D

4.  Some people see fit to steal your bike

5. Bike gadgets cost a lot

6. I'm actually struggling to find more cons...

7. I have to take two showers a day - not good for the environment but it would be worse for the world if I walked around stinking of sweat!!

8. Struggling for another point...

9. I go through more clothing per week as I have to continually wash my cycle gear

10. Oil is really hard to wash out of your clothes!

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