Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A Few of My Favourite Things

In no particular order...

[ Crisp and sunny Autumn mornings.

[ My boyfriend when he's being all cute and sleepy.

[ Dark chocolate.

[ My friend's little girl who has just learnt how to walk and has now started to climb up on their coffee table unaided... Uh oh!!

[ My cousin's little girl asking me to read to her...constantly... And accidentally calling me "Uncle" Jackie. The innocence of youth!

[ Yoga, especially brahmari breath and dharunasana though not necessarily together.

[ Unplanned days out to London markets with my boyfriend and his friends which turn out to be so much fun and etched in my memory forever.

[ My northern best friend's northern accent "Hiyyyaaaa, wot yooouuuu oop toooo?"

[ My southern best friend expecting a baby!

[ Moving to new places.

Sometimes it's important to stop and appreciate the things that make you happy. It's too easy to think about the things that don't.

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