Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Not Much Happenin'

Not much happenin' around here lately.

I'm still flat hunting with Louisa but not having much luck - the market is slow but there seem to be a lot of people looking for property at the moment! For those of you who have read Eat Pray Love, you know the part where she's on a book tour with her friend and she writes a letter to the universe asking for help finalising her divorce... Well, I did that. Yup. Except that I didn't ask for help with my divorce, mostly because I'm not even married, but I did ask for help with flat hunting. I was feeling a bit despondent about our bad luck with scammers and not being able to find a place so I asked the universe to present some opportunities to us and promised I wouldn't ignore them. And you know what? Aside from the fact that you shouldn't use "and" to start a sentence? The universe answered! It was bizarre actually, I wrote the letter then I found three properties online pretty much straight away and after ringing the letting agents, one of them had a great three bed place in Kilburn (which is awesome FYI) which we arranged to see that night. When I met up with Louisa to head to the viewing, I told her about the letter and she said she'd prayed for the same thing that morning for the first time in her life. So the universe totally heard our call! We didn't get the flat but that was down to the fact that the letting agent was a complete douchebag and kept lying to us. But I think that was the universe telling us a couple of things... 1) that there ARE properties out there, we just have to keep looking and b) watch out for dishonest letting agents. See universe, I am paying attention! We've seen a couple of other places which have been better than the ones previously so I'm confident we'll find somewhere soon. I'm looking forward to living in a flat with my own room instead of living out of a bag!

Woooaaaaahhhh, sorry I should have broken that paragraph up a bit.

On a positive note, I went for an interview on Monday morning and I've just had a call from the recruitment agency saying that I've been invited back for a second interview. Joy!!

My life seems to be full of agents right now...

Anywhoosle, that is literally it, my life is flat hunting and job hunting.

The End.


  1. Hey, I'm not the Universe, just a bald fat guy clicking comments and reading new (to me) Blogs and commenting, just because. With my wife in the hospital with a non life threatening but annoying problem, this fills the time better than doing stupid things.

    Anyhow, good luck with your flat hunt. I'm going to have to look where you are writing from since we don't hunt for flats here in Texas, mostly deer and wild hogs. How do you cook a flat?

  2. Usually with lighting fluid and matches. It's quicker than hunting deer and wild hogs but I suspect less satisfying.

    I hope your wife is ok in hospital, good vibes from the other side of the pond.