Monday, 19 September 2011

Neti Cleansing Day 2

Hello one and all

Hope you're all well. Today I feel like utter rubbish!! I felt rather pleased with myself last night after practising the neti cleansing seeing as my nasal passages felt clear and clean and I could breathe like a champion!! I practised again this morning in the shower and came out feeling a bit smug actually, I felt that in two very short neti cleanses, I had rid myself of my cold.

Then I got on the bus. And there began the coughing and the running nose and the utter rubbish feeling. There's something about sitting on a packed bus with a tissue stuck up your nose that just makes you feel self conscious. I didn't really sit with a tissue up my nose... Not much. I've spent most of the day blowing my nose and coughing so I'm shortly going to do the neti cleansing again for another clear out. This is like the nasal equivalent of clearing out the garage. Except instead of old bicycles, you find old mucus.

I think the rubbish feeling is down to the neti cleansing clearing and purifying, and you know what "they" say; it has to get worse before it gets better. I shall update ye either later or tomorrow. Tomorrow probably. I have to plan tomorrow's lunchtime yoga class after this.

I have another recommendation for you: Buddha in Suburbia available on BBC iPlayer. Am I allowed to recommend programmes and websites like this? Hope so. 

Anywhoosle! Cheerio old chaps, see you tomorrow for Neti Cleansing Day 3. Hopefully with less snot.

Bye :) xxx

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