Sunday, 4 March 2012

Little Bit of Something and Nothing

The smell of burning popcorn is wafting through the floorboards and directly into my nostrils... I think Clare just returned home and is making her favourite snack. I'd go and say hi but I have to be honest, I've got a slight stomach upset and moving from a semi-foetal position is not an option just yet. Too much information? Sorry...

As the title says, this is a little bit of something and nothing. More just a reason to say hi and waffle on about my weekend. I had a really spontaneous day yesterday! Gareth text me at just gone 8am (not long after I'd woken up and was still dozing in bed) to say he had a spare ticket to go to the Harry Potter set tour and did I want to come. Did I want to come? Does a bear poop in the woods?! I pretty much had to hot foot it to Belsize Park in double quick time but I made it with enough time to meet his sister, eat some scrambled eggs and then head out to Watford with Gareth and his cousins. Felt a little bit like a hobo turning up looking uber tired, eating their lovely food and then leaving! 

Anyway, as is the norm now, here are some photos of the tour in no particular and by no means exhaustive...

Dumbledore, Snape and Professor McGonagall in the Great Hall

Some owl cages in Diagon Alley

Costumes from the Yule Ball in the Goblet of Fire. Emma Watson's dress (the purple one) is unbelievably tiny!

Ron's bed.

Nearly Headless Nick's Head

Professor Dumbledore's Office

Drinking butterbeer!!


A replica of Hogwarts. Absolutely stunning!

More wands than you could shake a...wand at.

The tour took about two hours for us to walk around at a regular pace and there is just so much to look it. It's amazing to see how much time, effort, energy and love has gone into making every single set, costume, prop - they didn't miss a thing. The newspapers contained real stories and "in-joke" advertisements... One of the tour guidey helpery people told me a story that when Michael Gambon was eating lunch, he kept his Dumbledore beard protected inside a beard bag so as not to drop food down it, so they used that idea and created an advert for Beard Bags in the papers. Every book contained real text in case, say, a book fell off a shelf and opened on the floor and was caught on camera. No expense was spared but when you're going to make a film that is adored by so many then you have to do it right! 

We even tried some butterbeer - it was ah-may-zing! It tastes really sweet and completely delicious; it's been compared it to shortbread which I guess could be too much for some but Gareth and I were both really impressed by it. Gareth was particularly taken by the "secret ingredient" that they put on top of the drink to give it a beer head... No idea what it is (obviously, being a secret ingredient) but it's really tasty.

The tour doesn't officially open until next weekend methinks, but Gareth works for Warner Bros so was offered free tickets for the tour before it opens to the public. I think tickets will be priced at something like £28 but it's worth it! 

So with the tour over, we drove back to Belsize Park and took a wander into Camden Town, had a little mosey and then headed home. I spent last night vegged in front of the telly watching a program on musicals then went to bed and fell asleep watching Midnight in Paris. I need to watch it again from beginning to end but from what I have seen, it seems like it's trying to be Vicki Cristina Barcelona but with cr*p acting.. I'll get back to you on that!

Today I've been a little hermit; I woke up this morning, meditated, fell asleep again and then got up, cooked an epic breakfast omelette, watched about 20 minutes of TV, realised it's rubbish, practiced some yoga, did a load of washing, tidied my room, popped to the shops for some essentials and then came back and now I'm in bed with a slight upset stomach. Sure it's nothing, I think it might have been the eggs.

This weekend's been awesome and had reminded me yet again how awesome life is and how great my friends are. I've been worrying a lot about money lately but a thought occurred to me earlier that I may be financially skint but I am abundant in life. That's something to hold onto and be grateful for.

If anyone has any photos from their weekend they want to share then please do! I'd love to see what you've been up to :)


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