Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Walking and Thinking

Tonight I walked home from work - that's 3.85 miles, 1 hour and 237 calories burned. I have a clever little app on il mio telefonino that tracks your route and calculates how long you take, how many minutes per mile, calories burned etc etc. It's a handy little tool and one I shall use to record my progress for the Race for Life training.

It felt good to walk home; it gave me a lot of time to think about things. I've been in a funk for I'd say 95% of this year and I've let it go on for far too long. Time to get myself out of it. Walking was satisfying, an achievement in itself. It made me realise how wasteful taking the bus is - it takes me almost the same amount of time to walk as it does to take the bus and not only that but walking is free! Another bonus surely.

I haven't practiced any asanas today, I have a chesty cold (again!) and I feel that resting is what I need. I used my neti pot this morning, it made me feel more congested though I'm not sure if that's a side effect that occurs when you irrigate your nasal passages whilst in the middle of a snot fest? I need to ask my soon to be yoga tutor for some advice. I'll be meeting up with him and Anna on Saturday. Anna is one of the other ladies I took the yoga foundation course with last year; she's lovely! She trained with Mark as a teacher last year and is now a fully fledged YAUK certified yogi AND, she and Mark are engaged. It'll be nice to catch up with her and finally meet Mark himself.

Gareth just texted to tell me to look to the west at Venus and Jupiter so on that note, I'm off! 

G'night y'all. Sleep well.

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